[Project] So Great… So Kevin~ (Eng Ver.)


Thai Ver.


As everyone know~ that next month is a very special day for U-KISS member and Kiss Me.
That is… Happy Birthday’s Kevin!!


On 25th November is the birthday of Kevin. @kevinwooth was the fanbase of Kevin in Thailand. We are doing this project up. The project’s Birthday Kevin is called “So Great… So Kevin~” Kevin is the best… I Know~


By this project we will create a Kevin’s photo book, tells the story through photos, images and text are all sent to Kevin in a diary. We made ​​it a good gift for him.

We asked to everyone who love him, to submit one or all of the following listed below.


♣ Detail~~

1. Message

short message, concise and written in any language that you think Kevin can read(?) if English will better. we not focus, ex. you not have to write anything. how long to write. limited to a few lines and bla bla bla~

here! it’s not necessary!

what you want, what you tell him, you can write

note: admin will enter your message in to the book.


2. Fan-Art

fan art of yourself… repeat! it’s your own!! single image, parody image, cartoon, group image or anything. if Kevin see your drawing, he’ll be happy and show a big smile for you~ everything… please send to me


3. Photo

whether as food, drink, snack, people,ice-cream, material, location, the picture you want to Kevin has to see~

ex. you sort toothpick was named Kevin. you make paper clip in heart style bla bla~

note: and you can send your pic to me too


4. Kevin’s Photo

this’s high-light for our project~!! photo, picture of kevin. whether as fan-take, official, sel-ca and anything~ we’ll add all pic into the photo book message

if you can’t imagine.. Hey! this pic, Kevin so cool!, Kevin is so adorable, he so very cute~

*if a fan-take, you should add credit and send to me

note: limit 1 per person for 1 picture.



♣ Sending~~

1. send by completing this form >> Message Form

2. or send by e-mail to kevinwoo_th@hotmail.com

Subject “[Project] So Great… So Kevin~

and you must be specified or send pic or file of the following listed below.

Your Name ::

Your Country ::

Your Twitter::

Your Message ::



♣ Ending~~

Start Date :: 26 Oct. 2012

Dead Line :: 15 Nov. 2012


last, thank you for join in project of us. and this project beginning is very slowly~ Kevin will receive our Birthday’s book so late, I’m sure 😦

in next year, we will have to do better than this!!! of course, I promise. 😀

If you have any questions, please send message or mention to @kevinwooth , facebook page thank


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